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Wellness is more than not being ill

At Pediatric Associates of the North Shore, we believe that wellness shouldn’t be defined by whether or not your child has a fever, but rather if they are able to be and do all they want in life. We work hard every day to help inspire a new kind of care conversation. One that feels comprehensive and holistic. Feels centered on your child’s best interests. One that is understanding of your family’s needs. A conversation that’s proactive and preventive. We absolutely insist on you requiring more from us. Our role is not just to get your child well when they are ill, but to help them thrive and and ultimately attain their full potential.

Our team works to promote wellness in all children, to provide the very best medical care should they become ill, and to educate you so that you can make the best decisions for the health of your child and family.

We treat the whole child within the context of your family. Our practice of medicine employs a wide range of techniques, from home remedies to state of the art technology, in our ongoing efforts to deliver evidence-based care and find the best treatment for your child. We encourage open dialogue between parents, children, and doctors.




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Areas of wellness


When we think about wellness, we focus on helping children have good physical and mental health. It takes a multifaceted approach to care to ensure that their needs are being met with their best version of wellness in mind. We partner with children and their parents or caregivers, mapping out ways to help kids achieve optimal health.




Physical wellness consists of many components which must come together for an individual to thrive. We encourage a balance of physical activity, proper nutrition, and regular sleep, all of which improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and resilience to keep children's bodies in good condition while they develop and grow.



Intellectual wellness enables children to engage in learning, problem solving, creative thinking, and play. It includes acquiring both knowledge and skills, and the sharing of ideas. We support each child’s intellectual path driven by their own curiosity about the world around them and their unique abilities.



Emotional wellness includes acceptance of one’s feelings and those of others, understanding their meaning, and deciding how to act. It inspires self-awareness, a sense of autonomy, healthy relationships, and coping strategies. We foster children’s ability to learn and grow from their experiences and better relate to others.


I wouldn’t trust my kids’ medical care to anyone else.
— Michael S • Father of 2


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