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Well-being takes on many forms.

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We take great pride in the many ways we can help your family. As an independent practice, we're not beholden to a larger healthcare system concerned with the bottom line. We're not obligated to send you to a specific doctor or push you toward a particular procedure. Our independence allows us to provide the highest quality pediatric care in a personalized way that's right for you. We leverage our partnerships, offering leading-edge, evidence-based care, while still offering a unique and personalized experience. We provide consistency to your experience, as our team is always here for you. Our staff will personally answer the phone and will know your child and family when you walk in the door.



Promoting wellness requires active partnership between our team and families. We see children, adolescents, and young adults for periodic health visits on a schedule consistent with recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. These visits include a variety of assessments: of physical growth and health, of emotional and intellectual development, and of nutrition and safety. We provide comprehensive anticipatory guidance and, when needed, treatment for any identified areas of need. Our role should be more than treating your child when they are ill, but also  helping keep them well.


Assessing development is a core part of health maintenance for children and adolescents. During visits, we ask questions about a child’s development, directly observing their physical, intellectual, and social growth as part of our comprehensive care approach. We assess each child’s individual progression, comparing them to standards of typical development. We also address concerns raised by parents or caregivers. If we identify potential issues, we take the necessary time to guide you through any evaluations and treatment, fostering each child’s attainment of their full potential.


Poor nutrition and inadequate physical activity are rampant in our society, but they don’t have to be. We partner with children and families to develop lifelong healthy habits to address these concerns. By scheduling regular visits with our team, we’ll work together to set goals and review progress, encouraging our young patients to take responsibility for making mindful choices, helping them grow strong, healthy bodies. Adopting healthy habits early in life contributes to the overall health and well-being of children, giving them a strong foundation as they grow and develop into young adults.


Part of keeping children healthy requires proactive, preventive measures. We recommend and provide immunizations according to guidelines from the American Committee on Immunization Practices and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Also, we offer additional vaccinations required for at-risk populations (e.g. patients with asthma or other chronic diseases). Immunizations protect not only your individual child, but the greater community as a whole. We’re committed as educators to work closely with families, answer your questions, and agree to a plan of care for your children.


Welcoming new babies to our practice and our community is truly an honor. We provide in-hospital care for newborns birthed at Evanston Hospital and see newborns delivered at any hospital shortly after discharge. In those early days and weeks after delivery, we help with challenges faced by new parents and experienced parents alike, assessing for neonatal health issues as well as parental stress and depression. We support breastfeeding when possible and collaborate with Lactation Partners to offer mothers and babies comprehensive breastfeeding support in-office or in-home.


Children learn in different ways. Sometimes, individual support, accommodations, or services are needed for academic achievement. Addressing learning differences, like attention deficits, is critical to a child’s success in school. We take pride in being the first stop for our patients when learning issues arise, ensuring that they understand their differences, work through their challenges, regain their confidence, and realize their potential. We coordinate diagnosis (with trusted consultants, if needed) to provide individualized guidance and prescribe medication when necessary.


Patients who live with chronic conditions shouldn’t feel limited by their conditions. We work with families to provide education, monitoring, and management for mild and moderate asthma. For patients living with asthma, we recommend office visits at least twice each year to review medications, asthma control and severity, management and trigger avoidance, and update asthma care plans as needed. In addition to pediatricians, our nursing staff is actively involved in asthma education of our patients, working with families to ensure that questions are answered and guidance is given.


There’s a lot of preparation that goes in to travel plans. Your medical needs should be part of that process. We provide care for patients who are traveling internationally or to remote locations. Our team will review your itinerary, help you with a pre-travel checklist, and make recommendations based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. We assess your child’s specific health needs and tailor our advice regarding travel safety, food and water concerns, immunizations, and medications. We encourage families to schedule these visits 1-2 months prior when possible.


It’s no surprise to any of us that sickness doesn’t always strike on a 9-to-5 schedule. And in those situations when your child is sick, the last thing you need to worry about is who to call and where to go. We’re always available to you when you need us most—at those unexpected moments. Outside of regular business hours, we welcome walk-ins on Mondays (8-9am), are open on Saturday mornings, and are available for urgent appointments by arrangement on Sundays and by phone at all times. And if your moment of need is at 2 in the morning, we’ll be there then for you too. Know that we’re here for you.


Increasing rates of anxiety and depression among children brings care for mental health into the pediatrician’s sphere. There are a myriad of factors that can impact a child's mental wellness, both positively and negatively. Negative impacts can include struggles with self-esteem, social and academic functioning, and family conflict. We regularly screen for emotional concerns among our young patients. We collaborate with the Department of Psychiatry at Lurie Children’s Hospital and work with community providers to diagnose and treat kids and teens who show signs of anxiety and depression.


Your child deserves large-scale solutions at a local level. We provide in-office screenings for anemia, lead, and cholesterol, eliminating outsourcing for blood draws. Our state-of-the-art, highly accurate molecular testing for strep and influenza produces in-visit results. If extensive testing for respiratory illnesses is needed (assess for whooping cough, RSV, atypical infections, etc), we run an on-site respiratory PCR panel with same-day results, allowing us to accurately diagnose and guide treatment, provide antibiotics and antiviral medications when needed, and avoid them when not appropriate.


We recognize the stress a family experiences when a child is hospitalized for a medical issue. It can be an overwhelming experience for everyone. And it’s during such times of concern that you need continuity you can count on. We’re committed to being part of the team caring for your child no matter where they are seen. That’s our promise to your family. We’ll direct you to the best location for care and coordinate with inpatient or emergency department providers at any site. And we proudly care for our patients when they are admitted to the Pediatric Unit at Evanston Hospital.